​Partners are a valuable resource, and we think one of the most important things we can do for our partner community is help you find one another. There is enormous untapped potential and profit in the relationships you form and the partnerships you embark on together. What follows is a great example of how partners can work together to satisfy customers and build trust and profitability for partners.

So how did the two of you meet?
Jeff: I met partner Max Kapellmann of KeD at a Partner Executive Board (PEB) meeting last fall. When I discovered Max was from Mexico City, I offered to introduce him to a client I have in Mexico City – Benetton Mexico. A few months later, I had occasion to go to Mexico, so I let Max know I was coming. Max rolled out the red carpet for me. We met, he escorted me to my client’s offices in Mexico City, and I introduced him to the head of IT for Benetton Mexico. They pretty quickly decided they could do business together. I felt very comfortable making the introduction knowing he was a partner. There was a built-in trust factor because he was part of that network and that meant he was trustworthy and competent.
Max: We are still working with Benetton Mexico to organize some Microsoft certification training for them. We will begin the training in December. So, it’s working! We have great communication with them, and we have this opportunity.
Jeff: And the beauty here is, if Max had cold-called them, in all likelihood they wouldn’t have spoken to him, but the fact that I introduced them and walked him into the client’s front door gave him instant credibility. The fact that I was able to introduce them to local resources also gave me credibility with the client.
Does it happen often that you make connections like this, with the help of another partner?
Max: We have chances like this very often, thanks to close relationships with other partners. This is the point of entry for many opportunities in the United States. That’s a huge market for us, and other partners really help open doors to build complementary partnerships between partners in the US and Latin America.
How do you find other partners to work with?
Max: WPC is a huge marketplace for networking, and for us it’s the main focus of WPC. Networking gives us more time together to get to know each other, so when we can do more of this sort of activity at WPC, it is a great resource and gives great outcomes to all of us.
Jeff: I agree. I’m always looking to meet the next Max! And IAMCP is another important resource. I’m the chapter president for the IAMCP in New Jersey, and when I got back to New York after meeting Max, one of the training partners there contacted me and asked if I knew any Spanish-speaking training partners. And I said, “Well, as a matter of fact…” I introduced Max to people at the Corporate Training Group in New Jersey, and I understand they’re going to be working together on a training opportunity.
Max: We already made and sent our proposal, we’re just waiting for their feedback to move forward and start delivering the training, maybe in December.
What would you say to partners who are considering approaching other partners to work with?
Max: We need to share opportunities, to complement each other so we can grow. It’s impossible at the present time to do everything, like maybe we did in the old days. We need to have special relationships, like with Jeffrey with Dynamics or with other partners like in Business Intelligence, to pair with us, because we’re focused on training.
Jeff: I totally agree. It works as long as there’s that trusted relationship. I know Max is going to go out of his way to be sure he does a superb job for my client and for anyone I refer him to. And I’ll do the same for him. I want Max to look good! If I make Max look good, then he’s going to make me look good.
Thank you to Max Kapellmann of KeD and Jeffrey Goldstein from Queue Associates for your time and insights!
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