When we introduced the Solution Incentives program, we set out to create a better economic story for partners who invest early in driving sales efforts for new and emerging products from Microsoft, and we have seen rapid partner adoption of the program. For those participating in this program, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know of some upcoming changes to the Solutions Incentives program that we believe will help you consistently drive the business forward. First, while our incentives guides describe the Solution Incentives terms as concluding on June 30, 2012, we’re announcing that the current program will run through December 31, 2012.

The Solution Incentives date extension provides participating partners with opportunity and continuity. The policies, eligible product lists, rates, etc., stay the same for the next six months. This is GREAT news for those of you who have invested in resources to grow your business in Management and Virtualization, Application Platform/SQL, Windows Enterprise, and Lync, as well as partners just becoming eligible and getting started. You have more than six months to continue selling and earning incentives the same you have been this past year. Let’s go after that business.
Additionally, we’re also announcing the eligible MPN Competencies for participation after January 1, 2013. Next year’s program rewards partners in the most relevant competencies organized by solution workloads – Management and Virtualization, Application Platform, Windows Enterprise and MDOP and Lync. Full details are in this chart.
Updated post on 5/10/12 at 11:00 AM PDT with removal of requirements table: Please look out for a future blog post from me regarding MPN Competency eligibility requirements, product lists, and rates, as we approach January 2013.​ See current requirements here​.

I meet regularly with partners earning these incentives, and I’m seeing some great results. We heard from Kevin von Keyserling, CEO of Certified Security Solutions, that the program is working well for CSS – I included his thoughts below. With Solution Incentives, our partners are building out new sales teams, creating new intellectual property around our products, running marketing campaigns, and increasing their market reach.
​“I am very pleased with the direction of SIP and Microsoft’s commitment to enhance the program in the months ahead. The SIP program is allowing CSS to accelerate our geographic expansion plans, invest in IP development that enhances the discrete benefits of the Microsoft platform, and expand our Microsoft practices. By keeping SIP consistent through the end of December, we can focus our sales teams on selling and continue growing our Microsoft practices.” Kevin von Keyserling, CEO, Certified Security Solutions 
Microsoft offers the broadest set of incentives that pay eligible systems integrators across a full solution that may include management and virtualization, database technologies, Windows Enterprise and MDOP and Lync. This breadth is unparalleled in the industry.
If you want to continue or grow your participation after January 1, 2013, please take careful note of the MPN Competency requirements and make sure your company is eligible before the launch of the new incentives in January 2013. We’ll also be sharing eligible products and applicable rates for these solutions at that time.
If you are not currently earning Solution Incentives, take a look and see if you might be eligible. If you are, you can get started today at the Microsoft Partner Network Partner Incentives site.
Systems integrator partners with any questions can contact their Regional Service Center, and participating Large Account Resellers or EA Direct Advisors can contact the Regional Operations Centers.
Lastly, I hope you’re going to WPC in Toronto this year – I am, and I hope to see many of you there. We will have sessions about Solution Incentives within the System Integrator track, and interspersed throughout the technology tracks to help you learn how to grow and maximize your Microsoft business. ​