Partners get deeper access with co-location of Microsoft Inspire + Microsoft Ready

The partnership we share with you is of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to helping it grow. And our role as your partner goes beyond us organizing our portfolio of partner programs. It’s about people. So, with the belief that partners make more possible, for the second year in a row we are combining Microsoft’s largest partner event, Microsoft Inspire, with Microsoft Ready, our fiscal year kick-off for internal sales, marketing, and engineering professionals.

“You never get an experience like that, face to face with this many people.”

Tori Simpson
Head of Digital Marketing
Resource IT

In addition to the opportunities partners have to connect with each other at Microsoft Inspire, co-location with Microsoft Ready adds another valuable dimension to this event: greater possibilities for partners and Microsoft employees to network with one another, nurturing the partnerships that are key to our mutual success.

“Every year, partners come to Microsoft Inspire from all over the world to make connections that they can’t make anywhere else.”

Lisa Harper
Microsoft Inspire + Microsoft Ready Executive Producer

Create Connections with Microsoft employees at multiple shared events

Network with Microsoft employees who are eager to facilitate your journey—there will be a variety of opportunities to connect when Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready overlap:

  • New! The Hub: For the first time ever, the Microsoft Inspire partner expo and Microsoft Ready employee expo will be centralized as one shared experience called, The Hub. And, we’ve added an extra half day for you to network, making it easier than ever to connect with more partners and Microsoft employees than ever before, while diving deeper into session content and interacting with the Microsoft tech that helps your customers succeed.
  • House blocks organized by region: We listened to partner feedback and now it’ll be much easier to connect with those who live and operate their businesses near you. Revamped event lodging will house Microsoft employees and partners together by region.
  • Shared Corenote sessions: An important aspect of both Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready is to foster a sense of belonging within the One Microsoft community, and attending Corenote sessions together is one way we strengthen this community.
  • Combined social experiences: Microsoft partners and employees will come together at events like One Celebration, a chance to connect and celebrate our shared success. Recognizing, rewarding, and celebrating achievements—by individuals and the entire group—brings us all closer and helps create an environment that inspires and motivates future growth.

Whether it’s through structured events or spontaneous hallway conversations, this year’s Microsoft Inspire offers more opportunities than ever to make valuable connections that will empower your business. We hope you’ll join us in Las Vegas and be a part of the experience this year.

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Las Vegas, Nevada
July 14-18, 2019