​Believe it or not, resolutions are actually made to be kept! Many of us have great intentions at the beginning of the New Year to get fit, lose weight or perhaps, save money. The trick to fulfilling a resolution is getting very specific about what you intend to achieve and why you want to achieve it. This will help you create a clear path on ‘how’ to fulfill the resolution.

In the same vein, I encourage all Microsoft partners to make 2012 a year of focus and precision. Establish goals for your business that don’t simply look good on paper, but are achievable and align with your long-term vision.
Through the Microsoft Partner Network, you have access to valuable benefits and resources that can help you realize enhanced revenue and expansion opportunities within the channel. Better yet, if maximizing your partnership with Microsoft is one of your 2012 business resolutions, you’re in luck! Because your resolution is also mine, you have an ally helping you stay on track.
This is the first of a series of Partnering with Precision posts that will walk you through specific ways you can increase your success as a Microsoft partner in 2012 and in the future. In this post, I want to emphasize the imperative of owning the cloud. “Owning” means a full-business integration – internally and as a monetized offering for your customers – so that you can provide cloud consultations based upon your own company’s capacity and experience.
Many partners understand the value of the cloud, but struggle with how to translate it into profits. If you believe there’s intrinsic value to cloud services, you need only to leverage the Microsoft Partner Network to help your business seamlessly evolve to incorporate cloud consultation and services.
Microsoft is 100% behind partners who invest in building a skilled cloud team and data indicate that the marketplace is, too. Predicted spending on public cloud services will almost triple, from $59B in 2009 to $114B in 2014, so setting your company on a course to own the cloud now promises relevance in the future.
I offer additional thoughts on how the Windows Azure Platform can further assist partners in meeting a resolution to “own the cloud” in 2012 in this recently published trends article. I encourage you to check it out, as well as watch the video below about Perficient, a Microsoft partner that embodies how to partner with precision. And, if you have started winning cloud business, use Microsoft Victory Lap to share your win with us and other partners.

I hope you are inspired to be the best partner you can be in 2012. Share your thoughts and plans for the New Year with me on Twitter, @Jenni_Flinders.
Jenni Flinders
Microsoft Vice President, U.S. Partner Strategy and Programs​