The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is the channel partner event of the year—a unique event that brings us all together in one locale. It’s where you find out about our key strategies and initiatives, learn from one another and deepen relationships, and uncover new opportunities.

After all, partnership is about all of us winning together—customers, you, and us. We’re here to help you win. And, there’s no event that promotes the goal of winning together better than the Worldwide Partner Conference. It prepares us for the coming year and helps us build the relationships that are the crux of propelling any business forward, both yours and ours.
JoinUs.pngHere is a preview of three main themes you can expect at this year’s Conference.
Seizing opportunities in the cloud. Connect with key Microsoft executives and other partners about finding new opportunities in the cloud. You’ll learn where Microsoft is going with its cloud-based offerings and how you can use them to better serve your customers, both now and in the future. Today, IDC released a study commissioned by Microsoft that estimates nearly 14 million jobs will be created by spending on public and private cloud IT services now through 2015.
Building communities within the Microsoft Partner Network. WPC is your chance to establish relationships with partners from all over the world. It’s where you can build partnerships, talk about the challenges you face, and join together to take advantage of new opportunities.
Sharing stories. Talk with Microsoft team members, business experts, and other partners about the successes you’ve had over the last year, and hear about best practices and success stories from others. Get insights on different ways to stay relevant in today’s marketplace.
Please join me at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, July 8-12. More than any other, it’s the event at which your investment in partnership really pays off. Register on the digital WPC website by April 5 to take advantage of the early bird price of an All-Access Pass. I look forward to meeting you there! 
Jenni Flinders
Microsoft Vice President, U.S. Partner Strategy and Programs