Partnering at WPC is one powerful thing. However, partnering happens all year long. This story is one of great success for us and a fellow IAMCP Chapter Partner in the Utah chapter.

My companies, MS Cloud Services and RyanTech, are dedicated to selling a ton of Microsoft Cloud Services to a very specific vertical, the automobile dealer sector. Over the past 18 months we had been campaigning for an annual show that this particular vertical puts on each year called NADA ( We had a big presence there in the form of a large booth and lots of advertising. 
I serve as the President of the Utah Chapter of IAMCP. Customer Dynamics’ CEO Ryan Redmond serves as the chapter’s Vice President. As we have worked together on the development of this chapter we have forged a great friendship and really learned a lot about what one another’s businesses do.
We do lots of cloud. Customer Dynamics does lots of CRM. In fact, Customer Dynamics is the leading CRM implementer in at least our region and we were Partner of the Year in 2012 for cloud. We asked Ryan to help us understand CRM and his staff completely customized our instance of CRM for us and it is amazing.

We both became so impressed with one another’s companies that Ryan and I decided to work together at the NADA show to provide answers to questions on CRM from the existing RyanTech auto dealer clients. The interest level from automobile dealers was intense. Ryan walked away with a bucket of leads and some immediate business. Since then Ryan has hired a dedicated resource on his team to focus on auto dealer clients that we bring to him. Our projections for his CRM implementations are in the hundreds this year alone.

We have agreed moving forward that Office365 clients go to RyanTech and all CRM clients go to Customer Dynamics. The value this has brought to both of our companies and most importantly the customer is easy to see. 
1.  Specialized implementations for the product of choice the customer has made.
2.  Strong partner relationship and understanding.
3.  Dedicated focus on a particular offering.
4.  Proof that when MS Partners get together, everybody wins.
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