As many of you know, last spring we launched on a new technical platform our private Partner Support Community that enables our partners to get answers via targeted forums to MPN membership questions, as well as technical, licensing, and even channel incentives related questions.  In addition to vibrant engagement by other partners, the Partner Support Community is actively managed by Microsoft and we have committed response SLAs based on your MPN membership level as follows:


In addition to Microsoft answering your queries, this community is a great place for partners to share experiences around what has worked for them and what they’ve learned working with customers as well as to get that type of input from other partners from across the world.   Beyond the forums of this community being “partner only”, there is a great feature called private threads where you can share information on your configuration or issues with just Microsoft verses the broader partner community (an equivalent time saving option to a phone call into our service centers).   

For many of you, your first step in facing a critical issue is to do a search online so I encourage you next time to go into the Partner Support Community and search for your answer within the platform first!  When you search in this community’s forums, that search will query not just the Partner Support Community, but also MSDN, TechNet, MS Answers, and other Microsoft assets to pull the most relevant material for your search from all Microsoft properties.  If you don’t find the answer, please ask the question in our forums and other partners who may have the same question in future can benefit from it as not only do we maintain the threads, but we constantly enhance our knowledge base based.  Other great ideas related to this community:  Try our Partner Membership Forum as your renewal date is approaching if you have questions that are not answered on the MPN membership portal.  The same people who answer the phone regarding MPN membership will be answering your questions in this forum.   
The online community gives you a view into questions that other partners like you have asked, and you might also find an answer to something relevant before you even ask it!  The Partner Support Community is a great way to multiply your MPN support benefits to enable your field engineers and technical sellers to increase critical engagement with and support from Microsoft.  This is an unlimited benefit regardless of what membership level you are- so please share broadly within your organizations this amazing benefit and let’s make this a great community to be a part of.
Please send me feedback anytime at and thank you for your commitment to Microsoft!