Erez Wohl General Manager, Business Strategy and Partner Investments

Partner program changes taking effect October 1, 2019

In July, we announced the portfolio of partner incentive programs for fiscal year 20 (FY20). Per our annual cadence, several programs in the portfolio will refresh and go into effect on October 1. Below you’ll find a list of the key programs with changes taking place on October 1:

  • Online Services Usage (OSU) is separating into two unique programs: OSU Microsoft 365 and OSU Business Applications.
  • Dynamics Pre-Sales Advisory Incentives: This new ‘umbrella’ will consist of Online Advisor Sell (OSA) and Certified Software Advisor (CSA), both part of Dynamics.
  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP):  Strategic product accelerator rates and rates for three new customer addition (“customer add”) levers will increase.
  • Enterprise Incentives: No longer an “on-time” requirement to earn against True-up or renewal revenue.

In addition, stay tuned for more information about updates to the Microsoft Commerce Incentive (MCI). Formerly known as Microsoft Customer Agreement Azure Incentive, MCI will reward partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program when they transact Azure services in the new commerce experience.

If you are enrolled in any of the above listed programs and would like to read about the changes taking place on October 1, or if you have questions about how these changes will impact your business, please visit our Partner Community post on the topic for more details and to ask questions specific to your situation.