Hello Partners!

Our latest Partner Pivot digital magazine profiles Donal Cullen, CEO of Spanish Point Technologies, who shares how the company brought cloud solutions to Ireland. Along with CTO John Corley, Cullen addresses the current challenges and successes of building a cloud business, and how the company’s partnership with Microsoft has set them apart from the competition.
As the 2014 Cloud Excellence Partner of the Year, Spanish Point Technologies excels at filling the needs of unique customers in diverse fields such as life sciences and the music copyright industry. In fact, the company’s projects have contributed to their recognition as the “largest movement to the cloud in Ireland using Microsoft Azure.”
We encourage you to read the full feature here to learn more about Spanish Point Technologies’ success in the cloud and strategies the company used to leverage WPC to expand their reach. Other partners featured in our Partner Pivot series have also found ways to find new customers through WPC. Some, like Adriana Neagu, co-founder and CEO of Formotus, reach partners worldwide through scalable solutions on Microsoft Azure as well as relationships formed at WPC. Steen Helmer, board member and executive partner for TBK Consult, uses WPC as a platform to help his customers grow their partner networks. Nikkia Carter, CEO of Carter-McGowan Services LLC, builds business contacts and cements relationships formed through advocacy work, bridging her professional and volunteer pursuits.
Check out each issue of Partner Pivot for a glimpse into the partner perspective and for more about how partners build their business with Microsoft. The collection profiles partners who identify as micro SMBs, Women in Technology and IAMCP members, as well as CEOs, owners and board members of their own companies. Each of these partners gets something different and uniquely valuable out of their WPC investment each year. What will be your reason to attend WPC this year?

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