Hello Partners!
I’m excited to announce a new issue of Partner Pivot! It highlights Adriana Neagu, the co-founder and CEO of Formotus, and how her company is transforming mobile computing to make it globally accessible.
"Formotus was created to meet the changing needs of an increasingly mobile workplace.”

A woman in the technology field, Adriana takes a fresh approach to the development of her company, as well as her professional growth. Rather than trying to break the glass ceiling, Adriana says, “all my efforts are spent toward building something important for our customers,” an approach to women’s success in the tech industry that is not widely discussed.
The technology used at Formotus is deeply engrained in Microsoft, offering a technological successor for Infopath, Microsoft’s software application for managing electronic forms. Being a Microsoft partner has its perks: Formotus was recently featured at the 2014 SharePoint conference in Las Vegas, offering a solution-based roadmap for the future of InfoPath. This engagement inspired confidence in the users of Formotus, informed potential customers of its benefits, and displayed an excellent partner relationship.  
“I have found that the more you get involved in the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference the more you will take away from it.”

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See you in Washington, D.C.!