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Philanthropy is an important part of our work at Microsoft. As such we regularly bring attention to that work on our blog by featuring a Microsoft partner who is doing their part to give as good as they get. We have seen the difference our partner community is making on the global scale, and today we want to highlight a company who is doing amazing work, right in their own backyard.

Today we’re shining a spotlight on MIS Solutions, a Metro Atlanta managed IT services and cloud solutions company. They are a CSP built on the need of small businesses for on-demand access to full-service IT. Co-founders of MIS Solutions, Jennifer and Lliam Holmes, believe strongly that charity starts at home, and as a company, they have found that by remaining active in their local community of Gwinnett County, Georgia, they can make a real difference and establish themselves as an advocate for positive change.

A Mission to Do Good Where It’s Needed Most

When asked, Jennifer said that the mission of the philanthropy work taken on by MIS Solutions is to do more than providing the technology and IT services that their customers depend on to succeed. It’s to add value to every interaction with the public, including supporting several organizations that serve children in their own community.

If the core values of MIS Solutions (doing the right thing, doing what you say, being passionate about what you do, getting it done, and being a servant leader) sound like the kind of message you would hear at a Boy Scouts’ meeting, that’s not by accident. Both Lliam and Jennifer have worked closely with the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts of America to help prepare young people for success in life. Their passion for working with youth organizations has driven them to provide support to those who need it most.

“It seems like opportunities to help children just kept popping up over the years, so we’ve been led down this path. I think sometimes your passion just finds you.”
– Jennifer Holmes, MIS Solutions

Jennifer described one story of meeting a girl at the bus stop who didn’t own a coat. The realization hit her that even within their community, there was underprivileged youth who didn’t have the money to invest in a basic staple like a winter’s coat. Through MIS, they not only purchased a warm coat for her, but they also launched a full-scale coat drive and, with the help of their clients, collected more than 100 coats which were donated to the North Gwinnett Co-Op.

Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter

Jennifer and Lliam’s work with the Gwinnett Children’s Shelter has been a part of their lives for more than 15 years. Their focus on getting local kids to a safer environment and helping them transform their lives is pivotal to many in the community. The shelter acts as a safe environment for homeless children and their mothers, and then as a springboard to break the cycle of homelessness and build a life of self-sufficiency. Jennifer said that both kids and opportunities to help continuously found them, and their passion and hard work drove them to give back in the best ways they knew how. Through their financial contributions and invested time, including coordination of food drives and career mentoring, MIS Solutions has continued to support the Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter since 2000.

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of the USA

Out of their dedication to help young girls develop the leadership skills that will position them for success later in life, Jennifer helps train girls to sell cookies every year. MIS Solution also supports the Girl Scouts through delivering cookies to clients in the spring as a small thank you for their business every year. Lliam, in turn, works closely with the Boy Scouts to mentor and foster the life skills that young men will need to meet a challenging world head on. He also acts as his troop’s local finance chair to raise money for the leadership training scholarship fund.

Philanthropy is Both Personal and Business

When asked why they take on so much community responsibility as a business, Jennifer said that it’s about developing others around you and knowing that when you give, you get more in return.

“Through our success, we have a responsibility to be good social stewards and give back to the community that has been so good to us.”
– Jennifer Holmes, MIS Solutions

While plenty of businesses set their sights on the type of philanthropy work that will support much larger global causes, Jennifer and Lliam are compelled to support their local community and give to those organizations that are likely to feel a great and measurable impact right there at home. Inevitably, the work they do on a personal level is transferred to the work they do in their professional lives as well. MIS Solutions is founded on a spirit of giving that has inspired employees and their families to donate Christmas gifts, plant gardens, and mentor children in their community. Their long-term goals include continuing to support the children’s shelter and encouraging more of their staff to become even more involved.

How do you plan to give back to your local community this year? Share your experiences with inspiring philanthropy work in the comments below.