Three Microsoft partner posts hot off their blogs:

Today, July 13, 2011, 13 minutes ago
Common Sense writes "[by Alan Pasho]…While delivering the keynote address at this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference Monday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer proclaimed the success of the company’s efforts over the past year to lead partners to move into cloud based computing…Later in his address Ballmer noted that the advances made on the Windows Azure Platform in functionality and capability over the last 12 months has given customers flexibility and simplicity in mixing…" more
Today, ‎July ‎13, ‎2011, ‏‎10 minutes ago
Camwood writes "[by Simon]…Here at WPC 2011 in LA and there is lots going on. From Cloud and Mobile to Windows and Gaming, Microsoft has had lots to show and even more to say…So, what’s the future looking like? A peek at Windows 8 was top of the list and its new approach to ‘tiles’ as opposed to static ‘icons’ and Bing with integrated web apps were two notable topics of interest. But one thing is clear…" more
Today, ‎July ‎13, ‎2011, ‏‎13 minutes ago
Nomadic Software writes "Forbes Hamilton reports in from a busy and dramatic day at WPC in Los Angeles…It was a great first day at WPC in LA. We are seeing incredible interest in our Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Many Potential Partners from across the globe have been talking to us about our Enterprise Mobility Solutions. The winning aspect of our solution that captures…" more​