Many of our customers need their workers to be fully productive, even when no data connection is available. Imagine you’re a global giant oil and gas company like Phillips Conoco or Royal Dutch Shell. In a company like this, you can have hundreds of employees in the field, conducting critical inspections of oil wells and earth movers around the world. Especially in this type of industry, those inspectors’ forms need to be mobile, and they need to be functional offline. The innovations that allowed us to provide these features have been our secret sauce since we started this business in 2005.
Forms are best when we barely notice them. When we can capture the information when and how we want; when the form looks the same no matter how we access it; when it’s easy to build, complete, upload to whatever storage system we use, and mine later for the information we need – that’s when a form really works. At Formotus, our goal is to make our forms so seamless and simple to use, our customers rarely have to think about them.
What’s unique about us begins with our cloud console. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, the console allows users to build forms with custom business logic, user interface and data connectors, then deploy those forms to native mobile apps on each of the different mobile operating systems. Customers build a form once – and it’ll run on every device and operating system. Companies that have users on different devices and systems don’t need to worry – their forms will work on them all. No need to purchase and train employees on new devices, and employees can continue to work on devices that are familiar and comfortable.
We spent ten years architecting a solution that would answer our customers’ needs:

Easy to deploy and update. Once a form is created, a blank copy sits in your library, ready to be deployed. Account administrators can select individuals or create user groups to receive a document, which is then sent directly to each user’s device. Any time a form is updated in the system, every deployed user is notified that a new version is available for download. Deploying and updating forms happens in real-time, not through any app store.

Useable offline. This is the #1 most-requested feature we got from customers. We built our system so the business logic of the form is contained in the form itself, and everything about our apps are optimized for offline use. Multiple drafts of multiple forms can be worked in parallel, and completed forms wait in an outbox and sync automatically when connectivity is regained.
Secure. This is one of those places where we’re happy to be working with Microsoft, because we’re able to point to our cloud console and say, “We’re on Azure, and you can’t get any better than that.” Even though the system is designed so no customer data touches our servers – it only flows between the customers’ devices and their own storage system – customers still want to feel their IP is protected, and having their forms secure in Azure has been a great selling point for us.
Ten years of innovation got us this far, but we continue to innovate and improve. Although our solution works with just about any back-end system, we’re big SharePoint advocates, and that’s why we chose to build our Formotus mobile workflow to complement SharePoint. Deep integration allows form administrators to assign work to individuals and submit the job to SharePoint. Formotus software then filters those jobs off SharePoint and onto the devices of the assigned individuals. Once the end user completes the form and submits it back, it kicks off a SharePoint workflow. As businesses automate more and more processes, this has been a great add-on for us.
At Formotus, we’re all about innovation, and that includes our licensing model which we believe is unique in the industry: we sell packages of license months. If a company has 20 users in the field and a project that will take a year to complete, they can buy a 200 license-month package. Of course, the number of licenses a company needs is rarely stable: deployments may be staggered, employees come and go. With our program, licenses aren’t consumed until someone is put on the service. As people come off a project, their consumption stops, and we pro-rate that time to the day. We also offer volume discounts, which, because the license months never expire, helps keep costs down for SMBs.
Sometimes at Formotus we say that our biggest competitor is the clipboard – after all, it works offline and has a familiar interface! But we’re excited to be able to offer our customers so much more: the flexibility and productivity of mobile forms; integration with any back-end system, cloud-based or on-premise; a sensible licensing model, and the security of Azure.
In 2014, we highlighted Adriana in our Partner Pivot publication. Read more about the CEO and co-founder of Formotus and how her organization is helping make mobile, global. You can also learn more about Formotus on their website.
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