It’s an exciting time for Microsoft as we’re evolving our company logo of the past 25 years to visually accentuate a new era for the company!

It’s an approach that we can use consistently in all marketing materials and across all channels. I encourage you to read Jeff Hansen’s Microsoft blog, which goes into more detail of how the logo has changed and how it will come alive in Microsoft Stores, on, and in our television ads and marketing communications.
From a partner perspective, we have been preparing the foundation with the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). At WPC 2012, we announced new visual guidelines for the MPN logo, and our Partner Portal has been given a new face with less clutter and more focus on content.
Your relationship with Microsoft is a key differentiator for your business. Along with your talent (of course!), MPN helps set you apart from your competition. The visual advancements we made to MPN, serve to more deeply connect your business to the MPN and in turn the Microsoft brand. Your association with the partner network will grow stronger because of the clarity and simplicity of the new look.
We understand the investment that you make in partnering with Microsoft. Any change to MPN logos will happen over time, with clear guidance and notice in order to deliver the greatest impact for our mutual customers, without incurring unnecessary expense. Fully implementing a change like this takes time; we’ll continue to see the old Microsoft logo for some time, and we encourage partners to continue to use the new MPN logos we launched at WPC in July until further notice.
We’re excited about the new logo, but more importantly about this new era we shared at WPC 2012. The record number of partners in attendance at the conference experienced firsthand how we’re reimagining the ways our products can help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.