​In my last blog post I wrote about how Office 365 enables us to create new types of services, win new customers, and build long lasting relationships with these customers. In this blog post I wanted to describe another solution in which we use Office 365.

One of the solutions we have created to support our customers is the Smarter Meetings scenario. Although the solution can be used with both On Premise and Online customers, we typically use the scenario to introduce customers to Office 365. The solution optimizes the process of conducting meetings. Although it uses a lot of technology, the main focus is directed at organizational change and readiness.
With the Smarter Meetings scenario we optimize the way organizations conduct meetings. All meetings are booked through Outlook in the scenario. Availability is gathered based on Outlook calendar availability. When booking the meeting it is decided whether the meeting needs to be in person or if an online meeting will work as well. If that is the case direct from Outlook the meeting is elevated into a Lync meeting. Also a Meeting Workspace in SharePoint Online is created. The items to be discussed during the meeting are placed in this workspace. Also the meeting workspace is used to gather documents. During the meeting a tablet or laptop is used to read through meeting documents. Notes are taken in OneNote. Action items and Go Do’s are recorded in the SharePoint Meeting workspace.
All of the technology needed to work through the scenario is offered with Office 365. Microsoft Office for Outlook and OneNote, Exchange Online for calendaring and creating SharePoint Meeting Workspaces, Lync Online for conducting online meetings and SharePoint Online to host the Meeting Workspaces. Configuration of these technical components is done within a day.
Working with organizations to get everyone in the company to use this procedure and actually prepare meetings before they take place, upload documents into the meeting workspace and record action items is where the real opportunity comes in place. We have created a standardized adoption and training plan to support organizations. Depending on the size of the organization performing these tasks could take weeks.
Because the services provided focus on enhancing business processes instead of implementing technology there are some additional benefits as well. The person acquiring these services doesn’t work for the IT department. They typically are business managers who open up new possibilities within the organization.
Although most organizations can support at least part of the scenario with On Premise software, usage of Office 365 enables us to fast track the implementation. The technical implementation is done in a matter of days. Typically customers are impressed with this. It immediately opens up the door to more projects or even a migration to Office 365 for the entire company.
Office 365 combined with creative solutions make sure we can build out our position as Trusted Third Party for our customers. It makes sure we can build relationships not only with IT but with people in the business. It helps us boost our business.