These days, digital marketing is an essential part of the modern marketing communications mix. Thanks to the Internet, social media, and other digital channels, consumers and businesses are well informed about solutions that fit their needs even before they talk to a potential supplier. That’s the new reality, whether the need they’re filling is a new pair of shoes or a high-tech hosting solution. If a business isn’t active online, they will soon lose contact with their target audience and customers.
As the Marketing and Communications Manager at ICT Spirit, my responsibility is very simple but also very broad: get our target audience to choose us and particularly to choose our market-focused solutions. We realized a few years ago that our online presence should be a main part of our marketing and communications. We started in 2010 with a new website built around content with publications, news, blogs, and a knowledge focused on IT topics. We’ve done some search engine advertising and are currently conducting a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process.
To optimize our marketing via online channels, we are utilizing Microsoft’s DigitalStride program. The most valuable part of the DigitalStride program for us has been the thorough SEO analysis that Semdrive (Microsoft’s program partner) does, and we are, at this very moment, implementing the SEO guidance provided. Semdrive is an independent SEO company with highly trained professionals who know what they are doing and do not have any secondary agenda. Because of that, we get the best results.
Since we started implementing digital marketing into our strategy, we have seen an increase of new website visitors – more than 20%, year over year. With the new SEO implementation, we expect to raise that number to 35% or even 40%. This is great, because we see every new visitor that results from this as a potential customer. We know that businesses that come to us for information are also more likely to come to us to purchase the solution, and that just having an online presence is not enough. It’s also about providing the right context at the right time to the right audience.
The best thing to do is think like your customers, build your digital marketing strategy, and stick to it. Your plan may not pay off within weeks—keep that in mind. Once you have implemented the strategy and worked with it for a while, enter the DigitalStride program. The specialists will do a thorough analysis of your Internet channels, including website, Pinpoint, and web syndication, and will give hands-on tips for improvement to help your potential customers better find you online. The costs are pretty low, DigitalStride is even valid for the Microsoft Managed Reseller Incentive Program, and the revenue you can unlock is well worth the investment. What are you waiting for?​