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Over the last several weeks we have launched blogs focused on the new Modern Microsoft Partner eBook Series we built in collaboration with IDC. I am pleased to announce the launch of Part 4: Optimize your Operations, which is the third pillar of the Modern Partner.

The Modern Partner

In this eBook we explore a host of ideas to help you think through how you can maximize your profitability by optimizing your operations.

How to optimize your operations

One of the key concepts from this eBook is the analogy of running your business like a factory assembly line. In order to run an efficient, “well-oiled” business, it is critical that you think through how you can efficiently manage your people and build process, repeatability, and automation into your delivery engine. Here’s how to do it:

Efficiently manage your people

People are often the biggest cost in a partner business, especially if your product is centered around the services your people provide. As such, it is crucial that you think through how you can optimize your people resources.

Use these questions to evaluate your performance:

Build process, repeatability, and automation

In order to run an operationally sound business, it is crucial to evaluate how you can implement processes, repeatability, and automation into your execution engine. Start by reviewing your most recent 20 or so projects—think through whether there was any commonality to the projects, and evaluate whether you used similar processes to execute on your customer needs. Then, document the ideal processes and train your teams on how to execute them. Look for opportunities to automate repeatable tasks and refine these processes to save time and cost. Finally, consider 3rd party solutions that can automate parts of your process you may be executing manually.


Use these questions to evaluate your performance:

  • Do your professional and managed services teams have documented processes?
  • Do you have a mechanism to evaluate how you can save time, budget, and cost in your delivery structure?
  • Is your team motivated and empowered to share ideas about how to drive efficiency and repeatability?
  • Does your team proactively consider 3rd party automation tools?


To maximize your profitability, look for ways to maximize your resources, incorporate standardization and repeatability into your delivery, and build a culture that constantly asks, “How can we do this better?” Read the new eBook “Part 4: Optimize your Operations” today for additional tips on getting started.

If you’re attending the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, be sure to join us for the two Modern Partner General Sessions to hear more best practices!

Please feel free to reach out to me via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn with any thoughts and feedback.

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