I’m excited to announce that, for the first time ever, partners are so eager to join us for WPC that we’ve sold out!

But if you’ve missed your chance to join us this year, there’s no need to worry: there are a number of ways to stay involved with all the excitement. First, be sure to join us for the livestream of the WPC 2016 Vision Keynotes from 8:40 AM to 10:45 AM Eastern Time on July 11, 12 and 13. If you don’t have the chance to join us live, the keynotes will be posted 24 hours after they conclude here.

For the 15,000+ attendees who are starting to pack their bags for Toronto, I’d like to share some useful tips to help you get the most out of your conference experience. These tips are simple and easy, but will ensure your time at WPC 2016 is well spent.

Before the event, be sure to:

Download the WPC 2016 mobile app

The WPC 2016 mobile app integrates with your registration info and WPC Connect profile to bring the WPC experience to your mobile device. Build your personalized schedule, access conference maps, submit session evaluations, and keep the conference agenda in your pocket at all times.

Confirm your onsite meeting times

Connect with your colleagues before the conference, and make sure that everyone in your meetings has the same time and location on their schedules. If you’ve scheduled meetings through the WPC Connect Meeting Scheduler, make sure your attendees have accepted. Note that scheduled meetings that do not have accepted attendees are automatically canceled to free up tables for others to use.

Download the Conference Guide and the Know Before You Go document

The Conference Guide and the Know Before You Go guide are excellent resources for conference information, including transportation details, restaurant and dining options, Wi-Fi passwords, and building maps.

Get to know Toronto

The city is full of excellent options for evening exploration, refreshments, and relaxation. Visit the WPC Logistics page for details on deals and discounts.

Once you’re with us in Toronto, you’ll want to:

Visit the Community Hub

Head to the Community Hub to engage with a range of partner communities, such as the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) and Women in Technology (WIT) communities, and find new ways to get involved in the Microsoft partner ecosystem.

Enjoy the evening events

Come ready to celebrate with your friends and colleagues, new and old. These events are great opportunities for both planned and unplanned networking. Remember to enjoy yourself responsibly, as you are a representative of your company.

Find opportunities after WPC:

Follow up

Set aside a few minutes after each day at WPC to organize your contacts and make all your new connections stick. Schedule about 30 minutes per day to send follow-ups or thank-you notes and continue the conversations. Use the Microsoft Partner Community to keep in touch after the conference and continue growing your network.

At WPC, we take pride in creating a setting where partners can find new opportunities for growth, connections, and profitability—now it’s up to you to take advantage of everything WPC has to offer. We’re excited to help you discover new partners and new Microsoft contacts to propel your business forward.

See you next week!


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