A new era is dawning and we want you to join us as we embrace the new innovations that Microsoft is bringing about in the IT market. 

There are many new exciting trends in IT these days. And customers are especially excited about how this technology can give them a competitive advantage. Here are just some of the trends that will impact the future of your business:
  • Cloud Computing – Your hub for orchestrating the flow of information and technology across all aspects of your life. Plus, virtually infinite storage and processing power.
  • Data Explosion – An explosion in data driven by the significant increase in the number of devices we use each day.
  • Ecosystem of Computers – A widening ecosystem of computers that lets you can connect virtually any type of product to the Internet.
  • Consumerization of IT – The mindset of users: they want to work their own way, with their own tools.
  • Ubiquitous Connectivity – Increasingly ever-present Internet connectivity as we all go mobile.
To take advantage of these opportunities and overcome any challenges, we believe it’s important to give customers what they want: a single, consistent platform—one that addresses all of their  needs. Trying to address each pain or opportunity with a point solution only increases the overall complexity of the IT environment. That’s why Microsoft is moving towards a single platform with Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012, which gives you consistency across the datacenter, the desktop and in the cloud. This platform delivers:
  • Familiarity – Capitalizing on the huge experience and knowledge you already have of Windows Desktop, Windows Server, System Center and Microsoft’s cloud offerings
  • Complete Solutions – Our platform spans it all. You get a comprehensive solution, not merely a point solution.
  • Common Identity – It works everywhere. Especially important as we shift towards a people-centric model of IT.
  • Integrated Virtualization – Virtualization is moving away from being an add-on to a basic component. It’s like memory management—it just becomes part of the platform.
  • Unified Management – With System Center, a customer can manage everything with a single pane of glass.
We’re proud to be the only company that can deliver on this promise of a consistent platform—and all the advantages that go with it. Here are the three key benefits to this approach:  
  • It enables a highly efficient, elastic datacenter environment.
  • ​It delivers a people-centric desktop and endpoint device experience.
  • It leverages the cloud to optimize application delivery.
In short, we’re playing a different game—an advanced one that puts you in control of your success. While our competitors want to consolidate servers in the datacenter, we’re providing an integrated single platform for our customers across all of their IT needs. This in turn allows partners like you to provide the right services. And when you can tailor your services to a customer’s specific needs, you can more effectively help them move forward. Windows Server 2012, combined with Windows Azure, is the cornerstone of a truly differentiated cloud OS vision.
We see four primary categories of service opportunities to engage our customers and grow our respective businesses:
  • Virtualization – With virtual machines outpacing physical machines at a rate of nearly 2 to 1, there is still significant opportunity to help customers deploy the right physical/virtual infrastructure solution. In particular, customers need help from partners to minimize VM sprawl and maximize both datacenter and cost efficiencies.
  • Applications – In addition to datacenter efficiency, customers want partners to help them with upgrades of existing applications or installations of new ones. More than ever, they need partners who can deploy applications that will work well in a hybrid IT world.
  • Management – Customers are going to have products and solutions from multiple vendors. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to have a cloud practice without a strong systems management emphasis. We offer a key differentiator in our ability to manage heterogeneous environments in a hybrid world through a single pane of glass.
  • Platform – Customers all have multiple platforms to support a diverse mix of applications. They need help simplifying their datacenter infrastructure not only for software, but also for hardware, networking and storage.
I urge you to start familiarizing yourself with the breadth of Windows Server 2012 resources on the MPN Windows Server homepage. You’ll put yourself in an optimal strategic position as you:
  • Get your sales and technical teams ready to sell services on top of Windows Server 2012 by accessing the latest Partner Readiness resources.
We’re excited to have you along on this journey as we embark upon the new era together. 
Good selling!
Ross Brown​