David Gersten

I hear this question from time to time from partners: is there any real value in joining IAMCP? My answer: there’s enormous value in IAMCP, if you consider the source of 60-80% of new business “valuable.”
Two of us at Bond Consulting Services are on the Southern California IAMCP Board. In fact, I’ll be taking over the Presidency of the chapter in July—because we’ve found active participation is key to mining the resources of IAMCP most successfully. We’ve gotten knowledge and contacts there we simply wouldn’t find anywhere else.
The truth is, no one can know it all or do it all. That’s why relationships among partners are so critical.
For example, we recently worked with a client who was upgrading to Dynamics GP 2013. The program has minimal requirements, but the client needed extensive upgrades in software and hardware to support it. We brought in General Networks – another IAMCP member – to do a systems assessment and upgrade. It was a complete win-win-win: The client got a fully operational system that could support Dynamics GP 2013, and both Bond Consulting Services and General Networks profited.
But the benefit to us wasn’t just the sale; we were able to recommend a company that specialized in exactly what the client needed. That really cemented our relationship as the trusted advisor for our client.
Cooperation like that, between partners, is why I can tell the One Microsoft story. I’ve never seen a Dynamics deal sold without other sales in the Microsoft space – SQL license, updating desktop, changing the Windows server environment. We’ve done studies showing every dollar of Dynamics sales brings in $2-4 of other Microsoft products or services. That’s what makes IAMCP so valuable: we have the contacts and can recommend competent partners to help our customers with those other products and remain an important part of solving our clients’ problems.
The highest return comes from leveraging both IAMCP and the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). WPC is the moment in time where you make those initial contacts, have those first conversations, or make those important personal contacts; IAMCP is where you continue the conversations and grow the relationships the rest of the year.
We are such believers in WPC that our president is choosing to attend WPC above any other conference from Microsoft. And because I’ve been participating at a high level in IAMCP, he knows he has a good chance to get meetings he might not have gotten before – meetings that produce leads, referrals, opportunities and knowledge.
After WPC last year, I was quoted as saying, “Every Microsoft partner needs to be here.” I believe that just as firmly today, but even more, I believe every partner needs to be active with IAMCP to extend the power of WPC the other 360 days of the year.
Join me!​