Hello Partners!

A little over a month ago, I wrote about how Office 365 is seeing large-scale adoption worldwide. I’d like to expand the Office 365 conversation by talking about how it relates to the competition. This is a field that interests many partners and customers: why choose Microsoft Office 365 over other products, particularly Google Apps?
The biggest selling point of Google Docs—that it’s free—just doesn’t make up for its lack of capabilities and features. And Google Apps, the business- and enterprise-level cloud-based productivity suite, requires a paid subscription, just like Office 365. In direct comparison, Office 365 wins out, especially in Enterprise environments. Since the Web App versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote look almost exactly like their desktop counterparts, it’s easier for new users to switch as well. The file fidelity, moreover, is flawless. Converting documents created in the Word Web App to a desktop version of the file retained all formatting. In comparison, converting a Google Doc to a Microsoft Word doc led to various formatting errors. In a world where Microsoft Office is dominant in the Enterprise, this type of file fidelity is important, especially when collaborating with a team.
In light of growing data security concerns, Microsoft has listened to consumers and business alike to ensure the safety of user data. Office added Office 365 Message Encryption, which allows users to send automatically-encrypted email to all recipients, regardless of its destination or email client. Microsoft’s better security and ease of negotiating contracts has been the deciding factor for many universities, large corporations, and small businesses looking for cloud-based email and collaboration tools.
Microsoft, moreover, continues to make Office 365 more accessible. Schools and universities can now provide Office 365 to their students for free if they have Office licenses for their staff. The Microsoft Student Advantage program was announced in October, and debuted last Monday. This initiative in the education sector increases awareness and demand for Office 365, and students who learn to use Office in school are more likely to continue to use it as they join the workforce.
In addition to greater enterprise capability and a smoother, more secure transition to the cloud, Office 365 contributes to a global Microsoft platform that offers seamless integration across devices and across customers’ home and business lives. This broad applicability of Microsoft products is part of what differentiates it from the competition.
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