How are Microsoft Partners taking advantage of Office 365 to grow their businesses? There are as many ways as there are partners. I was really struck recently by two inspiring stories from Canada and Singapore, captured on video and available on YouTube.

Itergy, a 2012 Microsoft Identity & Security Partner of the Year Award winner and one of Microsoft’s infrastructure partners in Canada, has built its business on technologies and solutions including Active Directory, System Center, Windows client/server computing, and Unified Communications for more than a decade. When Office 365 became available, Itergy broadened its focus and expertise to include it.
Office 365 was the right technology at the right time for Itergy. “We’ve seen a dramatic shift in customers wanting to embrace cloud services, cloud as a platform, cloud as infrastructure,” says Riyaz Lalani, Account Technology Strategist at the company. “A key benefit that the Office 365 suite brings to the table is the ability to do a hybrid deployment, having an on-premise solution and moving some key workloads to the cloud. Organizations that aren’t ready to move into the cloud today have the option of having a hybrid service. We’re seeing a lot of traction with our customers.”
Traction indeed. Itergy President and CEO Ralph Loewen reports that his company experienced a 63 percent increase in business last year!" he says.
Hybrid projects are more of a reality in enterprise and represent a big revenue opportunity for partners integrating public cloud benefits into their customers’ environments. It allows customers to leverage their pre-existing investments and provide the more relevant solutions with all of the benefits of the public cloud.
Catch more on Itergy’s success with Office 365 in the YouTube video here.
Singapore’s Sapientia Holdings is younger than Itergy, having been founded in 2010 to capitalize on the potential of cloud services. The Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner prospered from the start, initially growing at a 20 to 30 percent annual rate. Then it discovered Office 365.
“Office 365 has been successful in getting customers to come to us,” says Roger Teo, Business Director at the company. And Sapientia Holdings has been successful in turning that customer interest into new business—and in turning 20 to 30 percent growth into a whopping 500 percent annual growth.
Teo and his colleagues find that, with Office 365, they can transform Google customers into Microsoft customers. They’ve seen customers make the move to Office 365 based on greater partner support, better security capability, and the ability to integrate Office 365 with on-premise Microsoft Office deployments.
Office 365 is responsible for another transformation as well. “Office 365 is enabling us to change our business model from a traditional SI into a trusted advisor,” says Teo, adding that, with Office 365, the company’s options for growth are limited only by the imagination.
For more on the Sapientia Holdings story, check out the YouTube video here.