Microsoft believes that every customer is unique and individual, and Office 365 is designed with this in mind. As opposed to a prominent competitor‘s ‘one-solution-for-all‘ offering, Office 365 can be tailored to the needs of your customer, from tiny startup to giant enterprise.

Big Services to Small Businesses
Your small business customers are eager to leverage the robust new SharePoint and Lync Online capabilities available to them in Office 365. Be sure you‘re as informed as you can be about these powerful aspects of the new offering, and get up to speed on the ways they can be incorporated into rich, new solutions for your customers. Visit this page for additional information.
When is it Time to Think Bigger?
If your customer‘s business is growing rapidly, or they have technical requirements (such as email archiving, active directory sync needs, or 24×7 phone support), Office 365 for Enterprises might be the place to start.
Determining Best Practices
In offering this flexibility for both partners and customers, licensing and services vary from one version to the next. Check out this presentation for an in-depth look at customer segmentation; you‘ll need to know what‘s available to your customers before presenting the best possible Office 365 solution to them.
Meet Customer Demand
If you haven‘t already, sign up for Microsoft Office 365 today!​