​As a Microsoft partner and a member of the technology community, you know it‘s been just about impossible to miss the buzz about Office 365. In previous posts we have covered the value of Office 365 for partners and addressed lingering questions before the release. Now it‘s time to start moving your customers to the cloud, and establishing your reputation for delivering leading-edge cloud-based productivity solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Why Customers are Excited
Take a look at this video, and imagine you‘re a small business that never had access to enterprise-level productivity solutions. It‘s hard not to feel excited about the possibilities. Office 365 represents unprecedented levels of collaboration and productivity for smaller organizations.
Why Partners are Excited
You get to deliver this offering to customers eager to benefit from it, and you gain the opportunity to expand your customer base and increase your revenue in the process.
As Jon Roskill recently mentioned in a blog on this site, partners sell best the products they use themselves. Internal Use Rights (Internal Use Rights) for Office 365 are available to participants in the Cloud Essentials Pack and Cloud Accelerate programs. Visit the Cloud Partner site for more information, and to enroll.
Get Started
Sign up for Microsoft Office 365 today! Start delivering powerful cloud-based solutions to new customers, and begin cultivating a profitable, growing foundation for your productivity business. ​