We know making the shift to selling cloud solutions can be challenging – we’ve been there.
From researching market trends and industry analytics, to building individual vendor relationships that require separate correspondence when a seat count needs adjustment, all this can significantly suck up time and resources. While this increases the operational complexity for resellers, it can also create confusion for end customers trying to manage their billing and/or support from multiple vendors.
While the opportunities of the cloud make overcoming these obstacles worthwhile, we can’t help but think: there’s got to be a better way.
At Ingram Micro, we say that “the cloud means a new day for resellers.” Once we worked through the process ourselves, we realized we could help others make the shift more easily – and that was the inspiration for our Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

That was then

From our start in 1979 until fairly recently, we followed the old model of shipping physical products from warehouses and dealing with the often slow and painful inventory/supply chain process. Making the transition to offering cloud-based services freed us from a lot of that, but it also meant changing everything about our business model, from sales to support, and that brought new challenges.
But fear not, we found the solution – the “better way” – to managing these new challenges. The Cloud Marketplace is an ecosystem of buyers, sellers and solutions that enable partners to purchase, provision, manage and invoice a wide range of cloud solutions from a single portal. And what’s more, the customer now only has one point of contact – the partner.
Ingram Micro partner SNP Technologies says the Cloud Marketplace has significantly increased their competitive edge by strengthening their position as a trusted advisor for their customers. As COO Prakash Parikh put it, “Instead of using multiple vendor portals to order licenses and migration and support services, we order everything at once and deliver one bill to the customer.”

This is now

We made the Cloud Marketplace easy and efficient: through a single portal, channel partners can view an array of top-tier cloud vendors, seamlessly select the ones they want to offer, bundle in any additional services, and set the margins they want. They can establish their own price point for each customized solution, then add it to their own customer-facing portal where customers can order exactly what they need in real-time.

And it’s working: Within the first three weeks of launching the Cloud Marketplace, Ingram Micro sold 7,000 seats of Microsoft Office 365 to 140 resellers. In the three weeks prior to launch? 150 seats were sold to five resellers.

Our platform makes it possible for our channel partners to build a scalable, subscription-based cloud business that drives accelerated revenue and success in the cloud.

Winning with the Cloud Marketplace:

  • Partners save money because they don’t need to staff up their sales teams, as those functions are fully automated.
  • Partners save time because there’s no need to do a ton of research or establish agreements with multiple vendors.
  • And of course, with an outsourced technical support staff, IT experts can focus more on innovation and development.
All of these resources can be reallocated to focus on growth and productivity. Managed services, packaged IP, customized solutions offerings, consultation – whatever an organization does to differentiate itself from their competition – they’ll have more time, money, and resources to do it.
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