According to the IDC eBook “The Booming Cloud Opportunity,” delivering customer lifetime value is one of the four pillars of the successful modern partner. Profitability is no longer dependent on giant, one-time projects—nowadays, partners need to maintain customers for life “by ensuring their clients continually get value out of their solutions.”

So how can you ensure your clients see the value of their technology solutions now and long into the future? You’ve asked for increased support for organizations that are still building their cloud business: proactive guidance so you can communicate to customers what’s next and how it can benefit them; support, resources, and tools to keep you delivering best-in-class services and solutions to your customers; a flexible, affordable price and subscription model that truly fits your needs.

So here’s the really good news: Today, we’re announcing the new and exciting improvements we’ve made to our partner support.

Microsoft Advanced Support features

Based on direct feedback from more than 1,500 partners worldwide, Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) is designed for partners who are looking to grow their cloud businesses.

Advanced Support for Partners lands squarely between MPN’s offerings and Premier Support. This makes it ideal for partners who are growing their cloud business and need a higher level of service, but who aren’t quite ready for Premier Support.

Covering Azure, Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, and Dynamics AX, the program includes just the services cloud businesses need:

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Fast response time and escalation

You’ll get a response within an hour, and we’ll escalate your most critical issues.

Support for customers

You’ll be able to open and manage incidents on behalf of your customers.

Experienced representatives

With ASfP, you’ll have access to expert Services Account Managers and Partner Technical Consultants.

Even more valuable information

Get out ahead of potential incidents with proactive communications, technical information, cloud consults, roadmap webinars, and more.

Flexible subscription options

And the pricing is flexible: with our pay-as-you-go model, you’ll get all ASfP has to offer for US $1,250 per month, with no upfront costs. Local taxes may apply.

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Over 150 partners are already leveraging ASfP, and that number is growing fast. Learn more and connect to an ASfP expert on the Advanced Support for Partners page. Be sure to download the ASfP factsheet to get even more details on the program, and when you’re ready, sign up for your Advanced Support for Partners subscription.

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