There’s a lot of buzz happening around Windows 10 – for example, David Goldman of CNN money recently wrote a great review of the features that we’ve showcased so far, describing them as both familiar and modern.1 With the excitement building around the upcoming product launch, it makes sense that your customers are eager to begin discussing upgrades and how Windows 10 can positively impact their business with you. We’re thrilled with their enthusiasm, and we want you to be able to capitalize on it.
To do this, we have created some initial resources for you to take advantage of: commercial customer value proposition decks and webinars. These resources should equip you for conversations with your customers.
Please take some time to review the Windows 10 for Small and Medium Businesses and Windows 10 for Enterprise decks that are now available on the Partner Marketing Center, and stay tuned for even more feature-focused resources coming soon.
Don’t have time just yet to dive in to them? Here are some of the highlights.
Know the advantages
As the premier mobile platform for a cloud-first world, Windows 10 will open a lot of doors for your customers, and in turn, for you. The more informed you are and can share with them the advantages that are coming, the better positioned you’ll be to capitalize on the early adopters.
We know that operating system upgrades often prompt upgrades to hardware, so the launch of Windows 10 is a great time to drive hardware and device sales opportunities, especially since we’re focusing on making Windows 10 easier to adopt and deploy across multiple devices.
In addition, Windows 10 is being developed to work with solutions your customers are already using, but with a better experience. Pairing Windows 10 with Office 365 or the Enterprise Mobility Suite can provide your customers enhanced productivity, security, and device management, and it gives you the opportunity to accelerate your cloud services business.
With Windows 10 there will also be new opportunities to increase your ROI on infrastructure services. For example, customers will have the agility they need to adopt new features without sacrificing control they want over their infrastructure, which will be important as we update the servicing model. Look for more opportunities to manage customers’ devices as well, which will increase as we enhance mobile device support.
We also know that many of you have built universal apps, and we are looking to make that even easier and to extend your market more broadly. Universal apps for Windows 10 will run across PCs, tablets, phones, and industry devices. The Windows 10 curated organization store will allow your customers to easily expand the audience for the line of business apps you’ve custom-built for them. Tie that together with strong application compatibility, and you can focus on solving customer scenarios with your apps, not on making them compatible.
For more information check out the Windows 10 MPN page.
Learn more: Windows 10 Learning Series webcasts
Learn more about the advantages of Windows 10 for your customers and the opportunities for you by registering for the Windows 10 Learning Series webcasts. The first two sessions are listed below and more will be added soon
  • Windows 10 for the Enterprise on March 17: Learn how Microsoft is presenting the advantages of Windows 10 so you can share the message with your customers.
  • Windows 10 for Education on March 24: How Windows 10 is a powerful platform for education, particularly as it relates to improving learning outcomes.
Also, be sure to sign up for the Windows Insider Program to help shape Windows 10 and get early access to the releases. And download the Windows 10 Tech Preview and start testing your apps and the in place upgrade.
As we get nearer to the launch of Windows 10, we’ll be offering more resources to help you share information with your customers and answer their questions about the exciting opportunities that await you both. Be sure to follow this blog, @msPartner on Twitter, and on Facebook for more updates
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