The cloud changes everything. You’ve heard it before, but it’s true. From our products and services to our business models, our equipment, mindsets, even how we compete for sales. In many ways it’s incredible, the flexibility of the cloud allows customers to move their information easily and quickly. On the other hand, it also introduces new challenges for businesses who are trying to compete in the cloud. Customers have a lot of options, and still don’t quite understand what the cloud is well enough to know what the best fit is for their business needs.
Because of this shift, there’s also a shift in the way you do business with your customers. What I’m consistently seeing is that one of the most important advantages that you can have with your customers is becoming a trusted advisor, understanding their business needs, and being able to help them understand their options.
That means understanding Microsoft’s cloud opportunities inside and out, but also understanding those other options that your customers may be considering. In order to help equip you for those conversations, we’ve created new resources for our partners.
Most sales people don’t have time to research and memorize a competitor’s weaknesses and strengths, sales tactics, and value propositions. Our Battlecards, now available to partners on the MPN Portal, are designed to give you critical information – and a tactical advantage – at a glance. If a potential customer is considering Amazon, what Microsoft advantages can you highlight? If they’re looking at Google, what customer pain points does Microsoft address better? This resource will help you understand how to win, what to avoid, what questions to ask and even tactics your competitors may be using, as well as helping you understand what approaches you can take based on your customer’s current situation. These Battlecards help you be ready with the best information to seal the deal.
Shared intelligence
Another important factor is understanding who potential competitive targets are, which is where predictive modeling helps. Armed with the competitor information we will supply you via the Battlecards and other resources on the MPN Portal, you, our partners, can become force multipliers with the ability to reach those customers better than any competitors’ network. This level of co-engagement with partners is unusual, we know, but we believe making more of our intelligence available to our partners only strengthens us all.
Ready to get a head-start on the competition? You can download the Battlecards here.