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We know there’s so much to investigate, learn, and validate before choosing your next opportunity to start or expand a practice that suits your capabilities and business model. Fortunately, as you might already know, Microsoft has resources to help you at each stage of building a specialized practice.

We’ve aggregated our best practice-building content from across Microsoft and organized it into digital guided experiences. Think of these as practice development journeys for a growing list of practice areas, each with relevant content that’s accessible within each stage of the journey.

Guided experiences are available in the following practice areas:

  • Collaboration – Boost your customers’ productivity and help them transform workforces into high-performing teams.
  • Modern Desktop – Modernize your customers’ environments with Microsoft 365.
  • Security and Compliance – Build a practice to keep your customers’ systems safe, and meet the demands of regulators and legal authorities.
  • Data Platform Modernization – Unlock the true power of data, no matter where it’s housed.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Discover the best way to build AI into your business.
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Management – Help customers harness the full power and value of the cloud by building the right foundation.
  • Application Innovation – Build the next generation of intelligent apps with an open, comprehensive solution for any developer and any platform.
  • ISV – Find resources to help develop or migrate your app and get it in front of customers.
  • Dynamics 365 – Grow and transform your customers’ organizations with the next generation of intelligent business applications.

Paths to profitability

Each guided experience offers step-by-step guidance through. the four phases of practice development:

  1. The opportunity – Understand the size of the market, current and projected revenue and growth, and specializations and capabilities that are paying off for partners.
  2. Development – Learn the strategies for building out your practice, including setting up sales/marketing/technical teams, developing new skills, obtaining competencies, and using available technical resources to accelerate your practice development.
  3. Go to market – Discover best practices and training to develop your marketing muscle, sell more effectively, and engage customers at launch and throughout the customer lifecycle.
  4. Grow your practice – Explore proven ways to scale your practice, expand into new markets, form strategic partnerships, and complement your offerings with additional IP and managed services.

For each practice area, we provide a collection of assets designed to help you explore the opportunity, then increase in sophistication as you develop, launch, and grow your practice. The assets found within each area include:

  • Playbooks and associated PowerPoint presentations with guidance for business and technical leaders, and best practices from successful partners
  • Analysts reports to help you make sense of the market opportunity
  • Videos and case studies to learn how other partners of built successful practices
  • Webcasts with discussions and partner perspectives
  • Technical, sales, and training resources to help build, sell, deploy, and support your solutions
  • Tangible assets to leverage inside your own business, such as tear sheets, demos, sales pitches, marketing campaigns, and financial models

These new guided experiences should feel familiar to partners, as they follow the framework you’re accustomed to seeing in our playbooks on how to build a practice.

What about the playbooks?

We will continue to use the Practice Development Playbook methodology for the foundation of the digital guided experiences. We’ve found that many of the sections within the playbooks are applicable across several types of practices and have broken those out in the guided experience where they contextually apply. We continue to update and evolve the playbooks and will integrate new content into the guided experiences.

In today’s environment, finding the right opportunities is the way to future-proof your business. We believe Microsoft has the right technology and solutions to underpin your practice, but only you can decide what makes sense for your business. And now we have a guided experience to help you decide, build, and grow.