I’m excited to tell you about a significant new offering for those of you involved in the dynamic small business market – we’re launching our new Small Business Competency! This is a key milestone for the Microsoft Partner Network that will officially go live in June.

I wanted to get the word out now because I feel so strongly about the significant benefits this competency can bring to all our global partners who are delivering solutions and services to small businesses. We realize that the vast majority of all businesses worldwide are small businesses and recognize that the growing maturity of cloud computing represents a major revenue opportunity for partners in this market segment. We want to do everything we can to help you capture that opportunity.
We designed this new competency based on broad partner input and feedback. Like the many other Microsoft Partner Network competencies available to our partners, this designation will empower you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Earning a silver or gold in the Small Business Competency will enable you to expand your customer base by enhancing your marketing, sales, and technical capabilities. In addition to the use of a new Small Business Competency logo, you will be able to gain access to a broad set of internal usage rights for cloud services as well as on-premise products, priority listing in the Pinpoint marketplace, and great technical support benefits.
Your SMB customers will see great benefits as well. They depend on trusted partners like you to provide customized solutions that will help reduce their costs, increase business efficiencies, and boost sales. This new Small Business Competency will help ensure consistent quality customer experiences are delivered via our partners and help others recognize you as a valued expert.
Because of this significant market opportunity and the wealth of expertise available across the entire partner community, we envision this competency to become the largest in MPN.
As many of you already know, small businesses are a key engine for global economic growth, employment, and innovation. I am constantly impressed by the range and quality of the solutions Microsoft and our partners develop and deliver to empower these important companies and believe this new competency will increase your ability as a partner to address the diverse needs of countless small businesses around the world.  
Best Regards,