We all have different ways of learning and test-taking. Some people prefer lectures, while others enjoy hands-on labs. Some prefer a traditional classroom environment, while others wish to study (and test) from their comfortable home or office. We recognize there are differences in style, and also logistical concerns – some people simply cannot take time out of a busy week to travel for a class or test.
That’s why I am so happy to announce two new options to augment your learning and testing:
  • Online proctoring allows you to take tests from your office or home
  • Microsoft Labs Online let you order digital courseware and labs to lead in-house training
Let’s look at both in more detail.
Online proctoring
You may have heard that online proctoring is now available through Pearson VUE. This beta offering launched in the United States earlier this year. As of today, online proctoring is now available in more than 20 countries worldwide.
What is online proctoring?
Imagine you have to take a certification exam. Traditionally, you would call or go online to schedule an appointment at a testing center, take time out of your day to travel to the testing facility, and then take the test.
With online proctoring, you skip all of the excess travel – you can take exams from the comfort of your own office or even your home.
Of course there are some restrictions: You’ll need a web camera, so that the testing moderator can visually sweep the room in which you’re testing, to make sure there are no unauthorized materials available.
There are currently 50 exams available for online proctored delivery, with more to come.
Note this test-taking method is offered via Pearson VUE, our new exam delivery provider.
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Read more about online proctoring, test your system, and schedule an exam.
Online proctoring FAQs and additional resources
Microsoft Labs Online
Microsoft Labs Online (MLO) are now available directly to Silver and Gold level Microsoft partners. This enables you to:
  • Purchase digital courseware and labs
  • Provide technical readiness for employees
  • Help employees study for competency exams.
  • Facilitate training in a cost- and time-efficient way – hire a contracting or Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) to facilitate
A voucher option is also available, allowing Microsoft partners to bulk purchase once per year and consume just-in-time. These are electronic vouchers which are placed in the “My Account” section on the courseware shop. They will be used to buy the courses later.
Note this offer is only available in North America.
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First, set up and validate your account to purchase MLO and vouchers.
Additional MLO resources: