In the last decade, SharePoint has enjoyed runaway success as the collaboration, social, and content management platform of choice. In fact, more than 125 million users across 65 thousand companies worldwide depend on SharePoint. With the rise of cloud computing, these companies are looking for ways to support hybrid deployments with Office 365 and connect on-premise SharePoint deployments to an ever increasing range of online services.

So what’s the solution for these customers? How do they realize the value of the cloud while enhancing their existing investments with SharePoint? Recently I met with the folks at Nintex, a leading SharePoint workflow provider that has made a significant investment to solve this dilemma. They’ve developed the Nintex Live platform, which allows SharePoint to communicate with Office 365 as well as popular online services like SkyDrive, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, DropBox, and WordPress.
Nintex Live is striving to give our customers and Microsoft partners the ability to develop a whole new range of “no-code” business solutions. Solutions that automate the provisioning and decommissioning of online services, manage and respond to social media channels, query online data providers, facilitate external communications, and much more. The catalog of connectors​ that supports these solutions appears to be open and extensible. This means new connectors are made available immediately without having to deploy code or make configuration changes to a customer’s SharePoint environment.
By building its “Live” service on Windows Azure, Nintex has been able to bring a high availability, highly scalable solution to market in an incredibly short timeframe. (Azure’s on-demand nature and platform-as-a-service capability makes it all possible.)
Nintex Live not only helps the company expand its portfolio of cloud offerings, but it also opens up new revenue streams for both Nintex and our partners. Nintex already has a partner ecosystem of more than 700 system integrators (SIs) worldwide. And the Nintex Live platform allows those SIs to move up the value chain and open their doors to subscription-based revenue.
Nintex bet on the cloud early to position their business—and our partners—for growth. They’ve brought a differentiated solution to market and increased the opportunities for our mutual partner ecosystem. The bet looks to be already paying off with Nintex emerging as a leader in the ~8 billion dollar market surrounding SharePoint.
It’s an exciting time for Nintex and all Microsoft partners. And you can learn more about just one of the ways partners are seeing success in the cloud here.