My name is Chris Wright and I’m the founder of PartnerPulse, a new digital marketing platform for Microsoft partners. Partners on the site can create and manage their own social profiles, and make use of a set of unique social tools allowing them to interact in new ways with clients and potential customers.

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 Above: The PartnerPulse homepage

It was a few months ago that our team decided to attend the Worldwide Partner Conference. Once suggested, it was very hard to find a reason not to go. In 2012 the show entertained more than 15,000 people from nearly 130 countries. The vast majority of these people represent individual partner companies – PartnerPulse’s target audience. Not only do we want to go to the conference year, but we want to speak to all 15,000 partners! Well… we want to try!
As part of our preparations we are writing a series of blog posts focusing on helpful information and advice for WPC “first time attendees” like ourselves. 
Why we want to attend
Simply put, the WPC is the best possible event to attend if you want to do either of two things:
  • Meet and find out more about various Microsoft partners
  • Find out Microsoft’s future plans for its partner network
The show is a fantastic networking opportunity, on so many levels. A whole host of exhibitors and sponsors will be there. From the big boys like Intel and Fujitsu, to smaller (but no less important) companies like Nintex and Rackspace. The final lists is still being compiled but you can find out more here. At the same time there will be endless opportunities to mix with attendees and delegates, both day and night.
Sessions that will be run are still being finalized, but these will be a great way to find out what Microsoft (and many other contributing companies) have in mind for the partner program in 2013 and beyond.
We will be hooking up with as many partners as we can, trying to get the message out there that there is a new social site to help them connect better with customers. At the same time we want to learn from Microsoft where we fit into the wider ecosystem, and try to improve our product even further.
What we hope to get out of the conference
Ultimately, we hope to network with partners, and make useful connections within Microsoft. At the same time we want to advertise the opportunities PartnerPulse offers, and see if we can get useful feedback while we are at it, which is no tall order.
Most partners are heading out to WPC to advertise, or otherwise boost their businesses. In doing so, people are going to talk and listen to Microsoft. PartnerPulse is no different in this mission. We want to know directly what shape the partner network is in, and where it is heading. For us, July cannot come soon enough!
Look out for our next post soon. We will talk about the preparation we are doing in advance to ensure we have a good show.​