​In May 2009 I was charged with figuring out how Perficient could get engaged with the Microsoft healthcare team. We were a managed National Systems Integrator partner and the fifteenth largest Management Health IT Consulting firm in the US (per Modern Healthcare Magazine), but had no relationship to speak of with the Microsoft healthcare team.

I jumped onto Twitter and learned that there really weren’t any strong Microsoft healthcare partners engaged in social media, so I started to carve out a niche. As I found articles and information about Microsoft solutions in healthcare, I shared them with the Twitter community. Microsoft has the leading Personal Health Information platform in the market—HealthVault. As I continued to share information about Microsoft in healthcare and HealthVault, I continued to build my Twitter followers within the healthcare community and connected with the Microsoft HealthVault team on Twitter.
Prior to WPC 2009 in New Orleans, I scheduled meetings with every member of the Microsoft healthcare team I could find via the Connect tool. I also scheduled to attend every healthcare session on the schedule. As I met with different members of the team, they were very interested in hearing the Perficient story. They were looking for partners, like Perficient, that had healthcare domain knowledge and the ability to scale. If someone didn’t show up to a Connect meeting (which can happen due to time zone changes and calendaring issues) I did my best to track them down. I spoke with each healthcare presenter after their sessions, told them Perficient’s story, and asked how we could engage. The Twitter HealthVault team even scheduled a meeting for me with a key member of Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group. I used every avenue available to me to connect and meet with members of the team.
After WPC 2009 in July we had several additional meetings with members of the healthcare team, and in October, 2009, Perficient was invited to become a managed healthcare partner. We worked closely with the healthcare team, executing on a number of events and initiatives driving the Microsoft in healthcare story, and nine months later at WPC 2010 in Washington DC, Perficient was thrilled to be awarded Microsoft’s Healthcare Provider Partner of the Year award!
At WPC 2010 in Washington DC, Microsoft’s healthcare team connected us with another Healthcare Partner, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) called Medseek, and suggested that we could partner. Now the Medseek and Perficient teams will be working together to deliver Medseek’s SharePoint 2010-based portal solutions to Healthcare Providers across the U.S.
All in all, I’ve had great experiences at WPC. I’ve made key business connections that have helped to drive Perficient’s Microsoft business forward, and also made a lot of friends that I look forward to catching up with every year, and that I keep in touch with throughout the year via Social Media. That’s my WPC story—what’s yours? ​