Welcome to 2014! At the turn of each year, it’s fun to make lists and quantify how far we’ve come. This year, rather than looking back, I want to share some great statistics to help you look forward to this year and be ready to take action.

First things first – check out this great infographic created for MPNTraining:

Some pretty cool stuff! Let’s dive into it a bit.
We talk a lot about certification and accreditation here at MPN Training. So why get certified and accredited? By the numbers:
  • 81% of hiring managers feel certified individuals are more effective1
What are the benefits of certification to teams? By the numbers:
  • Microsoft partners with 2+ accredited Sales Specialists earn ~3.5x more revenue per deal2
  • Presales Technical Specialists can generate 74% greater deal sizes with 20% higher velocity3
  • 91% of hiring managers say certifications help individuals get the job1
So, how much does training cost, anyway?
  • As a Microsoft Partner, your organization is eligible for inexpensive or even no-cost sales, technical, and business e-training.
One final number: Thank you to all 430,0004 of you partner organizations for being members of the Microsoft Partner Network. Here’s to a great year ahead!