The MPN administrator (admin) is the person responsible for his or her company’s partnership with MPN. They’re their company’s connection to the MPN program. Admins receive correspondence and emails from MPN regarding the status of their partner relationship, information about renewal or requirement needs, and details and offers regarding available tools, resources, and savings. The admin is the first point of contact between MPN and the partner organization. Really, they’re the MPN relationship manager.
In addition to the tasks required as the MPN admin, the admin role is often doing double-duty. Admins are frequently in HR or marketing roles, or even c-level executives, at their company. They’re busy with their day job, and facilitating the MPN relationship is just more work that they have to do.
We’ve heard your feedback and are trying to help lessen the burden for our admin roles. That’s why we have created a new partner admin learning path just for MPN partner admins. We’ve curated the resources and tasks that admins need to do, to ensure their MPN company is able to retain program membership and benefits.
The admin learning path is broken into various components, such as ramp up and maintenance, using software and IUR, training and accreditations, and marketing.
The goal is to clearly and tactically help MPN admins get the information about:
  • What’s going on with the MPN program – changes that might impact you
  • Status of their company relationship
  • Resources, offers, tools
  • Information on events (such as WPC)
The learning path is also designed to help admins perform necessary tasks such as:
  • Assign individuals to learning paths/plans
  • Get staff to associate their Microsoft ID with their MPN organization
  • Ask clients for customer references
  • Use software benefits and IUR
  • Create or update a Pinpoint profile
Get started with the admin learning path here. And please, send us your feedback – we’d love to hear if this training path is working for you, or if there are areas you’d like to see improved.
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