For those who know me personally, I am a people person. In fact, that is why I wanted to be involved in the partner community. The Microsoft partner community is made up of the most vibrant and passionate individuals in the industry: passionate about technology, customers, and Microsoft.

On the other side of the partner community are the people at Microsoft who come to work every day thinking about how to keep this program strong and relevant for partners as the landscape shifts and changes dramatically.
So in this post, I want to highlight the clips that we featured throughout the various keynotes and MPN Live shows during WPC 2012. It’s the story of how MPN is powered by people, told first-hand by some of the people I work with closely.
Optimizing the partner experience
Dan Truax is a general manager in the Worldwide Partner Group, overseeing efforts to improve your online experience, and the intersection of all your business activities into the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) portal. As many of you know, there is a comprehensive program underway to improve how you access key partner company information through the site. Dan shares his point of view on these enhancements and the online benefit statement is an example of these improvements. My favorite declaration he makes is: “You asked for it, we delivered it. It’s available today, online.”
I love this line as it speaks to his genuine desire, one that we all share internally, to deliver a digital experience that is increasingly productive and valuable with features that you ask for.
Discoverability of information is also essential, and Dan speaks to improvements made to search including filters that allow partners to search based on language, role, and partner type. All this is key in returning results that are more relevant to you – with MPN-related results at the top of the returned page – while enabling browsing for related information on sites such as MSDN and Technet.
Microsoft Partner Network as a differentiator
Paul Lee is the partner channel marketing director who is focused on strategy in the area of branding and marketing communications. I work with him and his team closely, and I appreciate his thoughtfulness in all of the work he does with your needs in mind.
As you’ll hear him state in this video, partners told us it was difficult to differentiate themselves within the marketplace. As part of a larger effort to help create clear differentiators, he worked with his team to make sure that we revisited the visual representation of our brand – and specifically the logo — to embody a simpler more straightforward modernity that embodies MPN in the new era. We believe this will help you represent your business relationship with Microsoft, while aiding in the conveyance of your company as a best-in-class technical provider of solutions for customers.
Small business opportunity is your big business opportunity
Arnold Bogaards is a partner channel marketing director in the driver seat of an exciting marketing opportunity. As you’ll hear him say, “Small business owners are looking for the same functionality as any other customer.” Industry analysts assess this as a market segment with massive revenue potential. The program that comprises the Small Business competency is designed for partners to go after that small business opportunity by focusing on cloud solutions. It helps partners to have a business conversation with customers by translating the needs of this customer segment into cloud technology solutions.
I smile every time I see this video since when I hear Arnold state that this is new and exciting – with thousands of worldwide partners making the commitment– I know he truly is motivated by this. And his big smile is so genuine. See for yourself!
The Best Kept Secret of MPN
John Butler is on a mission to get the word out on the street about one of the biggest, most beneficial secrets in the Microsoft Partner Network program. It’s the four technical benefits that are available to you as a member of MPN. This encompasses support communities, readiness, advisory hours, and a break fix offering. As you’ll hear him say, partners that use these benefits see an increase in positive sales and deployment cycles.
I don’t like to play favorites, but I have to say that this by far is my favorite line in all these videos: “You have this great tool that you’re just not using and we want you to use it; we want to make you better.” I started in the Worldwide Partner Group the same time as John, and I remember being struck by his sincerity in wanting to help partners succeed. And when I heard him say this in the clip, I was so happy to know he is still in pursuit of raising partner awareness of this fantastic aspect of MPN.
I am proud to work with these people. They represent just a few of the people who come into building 121 and buildings like 121 around the world, working together to help you succeed in the business we build together.
– Kat​