​I’m happy to tell you we’re renewing MPN Live, our live video roundtable featuring Microsoft partners, and the new series debuts Thursday, January 26.

We launched MPN Live during WPC11. Our concept was simple: candid live video chats where partners exchanged ideas about big conference topics. And we were sure to give partners who weren’t at the conference ways to join in and participate.
(The show format came from work I had done – dating back as an intern! – on a show called Silicon Spin, on the now defunct Ziff-Davis Television network, with John C. Dvorak as the host.)
We staged two editions of MPN Live daily during the four key WPC11 event days. The partners we brought on as guests represented all walks of life from the ecosystem. Most of all, it was fun putting those attending the conference in touch with others logging in from afar.
So I am excited to announce that MPN Live is going back on the air in 2012 – and not just at WPC12! Join us for our season two premiere on Thursday, January 26th at 9:00AM PST.
Our kickoff topic: “Capitalizing on the ‘N’ in Network,” or how to get more from your partner network connections. We’ve lined up great guests and we’ll announce them soon. Karl Noakes and I will co-host.
The program will be accessible on our home page, and via our Microsoft Partner Network global Facebook page. But there’s no need to wait for show day to weigh in. Start now! How are you making the most of Microsoft Partner Network? Share your thoughts below.
Looking forward to great conversation on MPN Live between now and WPC12 and all year long!
Kat Tillman
Community Manager for MPN​