You’re well aware of some recent exciting changes at Microsoft—many of which we discussed during the Worldwide Partner Conference back in July. In Toronto, we talked about the New Era. And a big part of it is the unprecedented number of products Microsoft is launching to help us all win—particularly the release of Windows 8.

In July, the Microsoft Partner Network logo was given an update based on your feedback. Then, in August, Microsoft launched a new corporate logo (its first update in 25 years!). Knowing how important it is for the MPN to closely align itself with Microsoft’s corporate identity, we’ve made some minor, yet effective changes to the MPN logo. By visually connecting the two logos, you’ll be able to leverage the Microsoft brand for your maximum benefit.
New partner competency logo example
As you’ll notice, the MPN logo eliminates any potential problems with implementation. It was designed to fit easily into all of your messaging. The clarity and your ability to make the logo appear larger in the same size space will make an even stronger connection with your audience. They’ll notice the Microsoft connection immediately.

Microsoft partner Neos-SDI has adopted the new logo to show off its competencies


An example of the Microsoft partner logo in a PowerPoint presentation

Two other improvements have to do with Cloud Accelerate and the Small Business Specialist logo programs. We’ve replaced those logos with branding that aligns with other competencies. This will make things easier as it eliminates the need to explain these programs as something other than Microsoft partner competencies.
We know that updating your materials can impact you, so we don’t take decisions like this lightly. That’s why we acted quickly to make these minor changes, and it’s why we’re also providing you with ample time to adopt the new branding, with full compliance not required until July 2013.
This consistency among all Microsoft brands will be inherently more appealing to audiences—and will help us to better engage them.
You can adopt these changes now; get started at
I can’t wait to win together in this New Era—and with this new look!