As more platforms migrate to the cloud, we as Systems Integrators need to adapt our business model to this new paradigm. Delivering with innovation will be key to standing out in a crowded marketplace. Proactive consultancies will reshape and reimage service offerings in a way that provides true business solutions versus platform solutions. At Intellinet, we shifted our business three years ago to provide end-to-end solutions to clients. From strategy to solutions to support services, we have found the full lifecycle enables us to stay connected to customers and deliver greater impact to both the firm’s and client’s bottom line.
We have found by moving upstream to strategic and business consulting, consultants are able to ensure strategy and technology solutions map to their clients’ actionable business goals as well as deliver thoughtful platform solutions. When business goals and strategy are established upfront, client leadership is better equipped to communicate solutions’ end goals and justify costs, ensuring a smoother delivery process. Once solutions are delivered, providing ongoing maintenance and strategic insights on a regular basis will enable the firm to stay connected to its clients and ensure the success of their investment. 
The DNA of this new breed of SIs (Solutions Innovators) will be rooted in business process excellence and delivering with a mindset of innovation. By providing end-to-end, value-driven solutions on top of sound platforms, these SIs will continue to be indispensable partners to their clients.
I hope you’ll join me this year at WPC as fellow Microsoft Partner of the Year executives and I discuss how we are redefining “SI” from “Systems Integrator” to “Solution Innovator” by expanding offerings to include management consulting, mobile/cloud solutions, process solutions, and managed services all around the Microsoft solutions platform.