​In mid-October we hosted our first-ever, live subject-matter-expert (SME) webcast featuring the Bing Ads team, How to Use Digital Advertising to Drive Leads for Your Cloud Practice. Did you listen in?

These sessions are designed to give you a direct line into a business group at Microsoft, to get more info about a product, program, exam, and more.
The Bing Ads session was engaging and well-attended, with a comprehensive and insightful role-playing conversation about how to drive leads for your business. You can catch a replay of the session on-demand here.
I want to follow up to elaborate on some of the conversations, questions, and resources highlighted in that session. The real-time Q&A raised the following questions:
  • If you are currently a partner, is a separate account needed?

    A: Yes, you will need to sign in to your existing Bing Ads account, or create a new account with Bing Ads. We recommend you use the email address that you used when setting up your MPN membership, for log-in.

  • Is the network strictly text-based contextual or can video ads be served?

    A:  Paid-per-click (PPC) advertising is only content or contextual-based right now – we cannot serve videos as part of a paid-search ad. However, if your videos are already on another platform like Bing Videos or YouTube, they can come through search results organically.

  • Can we meet with Bing staff or business development account reps at a local Microsoft office?

    A: Bing Ads has representatives who would be happy to meet to help you. First step: email bingptner@microsoft.com to get connected with the best rep for your business.

  • Are there penalties for having ads with less than a 1% click-through rate (CTR)?

    A: We do not penalize you for a low CTR as these are based on a number of factors, including seasonality and products. The only penalties on ads are if they’re not relevant to keywords or actual content on your websites – these are called Quality Scores. Bing is a decision engine, and we want to ensure our users get the most relevant content for what they’re searching for online. Quality Scores help with this, and also help you to ensure your marketing strategy and execution are working well. You can review Bing Ads editorial guidelines to learn more about optimizing your ad campaigns and keywords.

  • Regarding the top 10 performing keywords shared during the presentation – where did they come from?

    A: This is raw data pulled from the Yahoo Bing data, internally. We looked at top performing keywords for this timeframe for this vertical and shared them in real-time.

Trial Offer
Attendees of the live webcast were eligible to request a $200 Bing Ads trial after the webcast. I’m happy to report that this offer is also available for the on-demand session, so long as it is requested by December 31, 2014. Listen to the on-demand session for details.
If you’re ready to take the next step and begin planning your digital marketing efforts, below are some helpful resources to get you started.