Ready to develop solutions for your small and midsize business customers (SMBs)?
Want to provide comprehensive solutions, built on Microsoft technologies that cover your customers from server to cloud and on all devices? Then you need to check out the solution-based training of the ModernBiz Technical Series.
The ModernBiz Tech Series stretches across a variety of products, from Azure and Dynamics CRM Online to Office to Windows 10 devices and Power BI, so you get well-rounded training to develop the right solutions for your customers. With the practical, hands-on 200-level training, you can dig in to learn about the technologies and apply them to real business scenarios.
Who should attend?
The Technical Series is for new and existing value-added reseller (VAR) partners who work with SMBs. The training is designed for IT professionals and consultants who are ready to learn more about meeting the technical needs of SMBs, and aligns to the ModernBiz Campaign for SMB partners. A fun fact: last year’s attendees participated in more than 67,000 hours of hands-on labs training across 88 countries. Which may lead to your next question…

What’s covered?
So you can spend your training time efficiently and get just the information you need, all this content has been divided into four pillars: Grow Efficiently, Safeguard Your Business, Connect with Customers, and Business Anywhere. Here’s a bit more about what you’ll learn in each.
  • Grow Efficiently: Find out how to help customers migrate off legacy infrastructure and get the most out of their technology.
  • Topics covered: Windows Server 2012 on-premises, Azure infrastructure as a Service, Windows 10, Office 365, and Microsoft Azure, on-premises Virtualization and Azure IaaS, Azure AD, and Azure virtual networks and machines

  • Safeguard your Business: Learn to protect company information and improve business continuity.

    Topics covered: Azure Backup and ASR, Windows 10, Office 365, eDiscovery, and Azure AD Premium RMS

  • Connect with Customers: Discover how to implement collaborative services and business intelligence to solve business problems for your SMB customers.

    Topics covered: SQL Server 2014 Data Platform, Azure Relational Database Services, and Power BI. There’s also a full-day track devoted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, including integration with Office 365 and Power BI.

  • Business Anywhere: Enable SMBs to work from anywhere on any device.

    Topics covered: Windows 10 Management (with IE 11 and Edge); Mobile Device and Identity Management with Intune, EMS, and Office 365; Remote Desktop Service and Azure Remote App; Deploying Office 365 ProPlus; Skype for Business Conferencing; and Securing Windows 10

What’s different?
These are solution-based trainings across products—not siloed trainings. Also the training is built just for SMB audience, so you don’t have to sit through hours of enterprise-focused content only to pluck out a few valuable nuggets that you can apply.
On-demand offerings
Ready to get started on some training now? We have digital versions of recent past events on our partner learning path. We’re also working to expand our on-demand deliveries, so stay tuned!
In-person delivery
The Technical Series is firstly delivered in-person by experienced trainers around the world; we’re working with your local team to deliver curricula that is relevant for your region’s needs. See what is offered for the coming weeks. The list is updated regularly, so please check back.