With tactics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), multi-channel marketing, landing pages and microsites, and new social media sites coming on line every minute, modern marketing is every bit as high-tech as the solutions we’re selling. Digital marketing is a key business driver these days, and those who don’t invest in digital risk getting left behind.
In order to help our partners leverage modern marketing strategies to grow their businesses, we commissioned IDC to help us conduct a study: identify some of our successful cloud partners who are also successful marketers, discover the ingredients of their secret sauce, and share the recipe with the rest of the partner community. IDC talked with 14 partners who fit the criteria, gathered their stories and best practices, and now we want to share with you what we’ve learned.
Here are some next-step tips from successful cloud – and cloud marketing – partners:
  1. Demo, demo, demo. These are great tools for “show and tell” and for addressing customer concerns.

  2. Live events that mix existing customers with prospects are a great way to further education and let your existing customers “sell” you to prospects. They’re also a great opportunity to showcase the solutions (see #1).

  3. Go vertical. Vertical allows you to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself, which is key with digital marketing. Vertical focus also allows a deeper understanding of customers’ businesses and needs.

  4. Segment and customize messages by stage of customer buying journey to provide relevant content and higher-quality interactions. The journey is key to understanding your customer, what they need, and where they are.

  5. Look into working with local agencies to fill in gaps in your marketing skills.

  6. Don’t be shy about asking customers to be the subject of a case study or white paper, or ask them to be a reference.

  7. Track and measure your digital marketing efforts. Quick iteration is one of digital’s biggest advantages, so use it.
Hear from Chris Dunning, CEO of TechQuarters, about how his company is helping customers understand and adopt cloud technology with modern marketing:
Moving to the cloud requires, for many businesses, a significant investment of time, money, and intellectual capital. Potential customers have concerns about cloud – retraining, security and data control, cost – so part of your marketing is actually educating consumers on the huge advantages of cloud. Even though the partners we surveyed range in size, marketing budget and resources, location, and business model, the biggest key to success was clear and consistent across the board: educate and engage prospects with quality content delivered through digital channels.
Get more “how-to” digital marketing tips in upcoming blogs, and be sure to check out the resources available on the Smart Partner Marketing site.
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