As I discussed in my last post, our goal for Microsoft’s Partner Incentives is to connect incentives to the sales motion of our partners and their sellers.  We are focused on delivering incentives that drive profitability and growth, provide ease of use in engaging with us, and deliver predictability and stability to our partners. 

As part of this process, today we are launching a refresh of our Solution Incentives.  This is an important step forward, as we continue to transform our incentive portfolio and focus on working with our partners to increase the Microsoft share within your solution sales practices.  This refresh is designed to bring tangible, impactful improvements to our partners through a set of changes, which include:
  • Focusing Solution Incentives on Enterprise: Based on the past 12 months’ of performance, we see our partners driving workload solutions that ultimately are realized on Microsoft’s enterprise licensing programs. With this understanding, we are orienting Solution Incentives to reward based on those licensing programs, while our licensing offer oriented towards SMB – Open – is rewarded through our portfolio of SMB Incentives (Managed Reseller and Value-Add Distributor) which carry similar products/workloads. 
  • Driving a Consistent, Global Engagement for Incentives: we are rolling out a globally consistent model for Proof of Execution, enabling partners to submit the pre-sales work in local language, reflecting their own sales processes and methodologies.  We have also eliminated administrative business rules to simplify the incentive requirements.
  • Improving Payment Accuracy: to improve the accuracy and financial reconciliation of payments for our partners, we are upgrading the calculation engine.
  • Delivering End-to-End Visibility: we are launching Partner BI to accompany this Solution Incentives refresh in May to allow maximum incentive coverage for our partners, and we will be pushing out visibility to our Enterprise, Solution Incentives and SAM Incentives.   We will be inviting our partners in waves, to ensure a white-glove user experience.
We have prioritized these improvements based on your feedback, coupled with our intent to reward partners for performance within their solution workloads.  We are refining the scope of Solution Incentives and introducing an industry standard Proof of Execution requirement to ensure we are effectively rewarding partners that are driving solution sales performance. 
In total, we believe these changes will result in a more seamless and rewarding relationship with Microsoft for all partners participating in Solution Incentives.  Participating partners can find more detail on the Solution Incentive refresh on the Solution Incentives MPN Site.
Thank you for your continued partnership.