One of the coolest aspects of my job is meeting the people who make up this rich community of Microsoft partners.

Slowly, but surely, I am meeting many of you—through social media channels, meetings we have here in Redmond, IAMCP, and by partners introducing me to more partners.
This week I saw some recently shot videos of our partners talking about WPC. They were so great—I’m dedicating this and a few future posts to highlight them.
Why did I like these videos so much? We work hard within our walls in Redmond and around the world to make this the best industry program. It really inspires me to hear partner stories about the value of the Microsoft Partner Network community. And it’s inspiring to hear female Microsoft partners talk about how they’ve advanced their careers in technology as a result of the resources we provide through MPN.
So in this post, I’m showcasing Gail Mercer-Mackay (Mercer-MacKay Solutions Inc.) and Tiffany Ingargiola (New Horizons Computer Learning Center). While Gail is not an actual partner, she participates in the Canadian Chapter of the IAMCP and provides sales / marketing strategy services to Microsoft Partners update 3/26/12. I love what they both have to say about the great sessions and resources available to women entrepreneurs in technology through MPN and how WPC has helped shape their roles within the industry.​
Looking forward to highlighting a few other partners here, and some of the Microsoft partner gentlemen, too!

Enjoy these videos and be sure to share them with other partners. Let’s keep the network effect going.