This is a phrase that I often think about, and one that — if I think about our partner community — is even more relevant to me now. I am still experiencing the afterglow of WPC 2012 and am already working closely with my colleagues on another exciting community experience set in Houston for next summer. Because of this, I am energized and hoping to convey to you all the value of participating in our global conference, and your local events!

The sun never sets on the partner community – and already in the works are two exciting events for our Asia region partners:
Set in Brisbane, Queensland this year and celebrating its 20th year, this is the Australian partner community coming together for partner-to-partner business building and hands-on engagement with Microsoft and the latest product developments. I’ll be in attendance at this conference and plan to blog from the event, so keep your eyes on my blog on September 4th through 6th – less than 26 days away!
Microsoft Partner Summit India
Also in September is the local summit in Mumbai, an important conference for partners in this region. The 2011 Summit was highly attended, and received positive feedback from partners – an overall rating of 4.25 out of five — with a focus on Microsoft India providing business direction to allow their region’s partners to align with it. Out of all attendees, 98.2 percent confirmed that they understood the business direction as an outcome of attending the summit.

Clearly partners benefit from local events!

Initiate participation in our community
IAMCP is another great partner community that you can participate in, and initiating your participation in the community is as straightforward as joining your local IAMCP chapter for activities. Not only does participating in the partner community allow for you to consider ways to grow your business through the partner-to-partner relationships that you can foster, but you can also get a sense of how other partners are taking advantage of their MPN benefits, and learn how to expand your business into other practices than the current focus areas at your company.
I am a believer in the power of the collective consciousness – and there are a lot of amazing and smart partner individuals and companies in our ecosystem who are open to relationships and business building together. Kevin McMillen said it perfectly in this episode of MPN Live, Don’t be a member, be a partner.”
Looking forward to engaging with you through the many community vehicles we have through MPN!
– Kat​