The time is now! Don’t miss the event of the year that helps you network with peers and connect with businesses.  The 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference registration is now available to the public, as well as pre-blocked hotels to book along with your registration. It’s never too late, so if you have not booked yet, register and act now. Oh, and did I tell you, you can still save $200 on your registration?

WPC has become one of the key events for us over the years and we believe it should be for any Microsoft partner. You can find out from my previous blog.
Last week, I traveled to Australia and had a good meeting with Microsoft MVP for SharePoint, James Milne, who is also a director of Myriad Technologies, a Brisbane, Australia based Microsoft Solution partner.  I spent four days with team Myriad, and we have formalized plans to work closely for multiple offerings and help each other grow our respective practices in our own countries. Once we spent some time together, I realized Myriad is exactly what Bitscape is in India. We both have many things in common, as well as some very unique solution offerings to match our local and regional needs.
If you are wondering why am I sharing this with you, then let me explain. We started working with Myriad as a strategic partner about a year and half ago. Our first real connection was made when another director, Perry, and I met at WPC Toronto, and we wanted to move ahead strategically.  After we met at WPC, we had a follow up meeting which was organized by me and my colleague Ashish (who is also a cofounder at Bitscape) to ensure we had similar strategies, and that we were on the same wavelength. We are happy to share with our peers that this is what WPC is all about! Through WPC we found the opportunity to connect, meet, personalize, plan and move ahead with common goals and objectives.
There may be many partners at WPC who are similar to you, but want to work in their region only, and you may have similar strategies. WPC gives you an opportunity to connect and build on a new partnership with peer partners in other countries which can take you to the next level in your business and open up new territories of business working together with partner peers.
Come prepared with an open mind, broad smile, and tight hand shake. WPC is almost here, be part of the best event for Microsoft partners worldwide. See you there!