It’s nearing time to wrap up 2015, and in the spirit of the year-end lists that appear in multitude this time of year, we thought we should join in on the fun.
So, without any further ado, here are our top 2015 training resources for Microsoft partners:

1. Partner University.

A year in the making, Partner University just went live and is the new hub of all things Microsoft Partner training. It replaces the Partner Learning Center and transitions us into a modern, robust, clean, online learning channel.

2. ModernBiz Tech Series.

A solution-based training program designed to help partners address the specific needs of their small and midsize business (SMB) customers, the ModernBiz program stretches across Microsoft solutions, including Azure, Dynamics CRM Online, Windows 10 and devices, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Power BI, and SQL Server.
The ModernBiz tech series trainings, offering in-person sessions scheduled in locations all over the globe, focus on building real-world solutions with hands-on experience in demos and labs.

3. Cloud Platform University Online.

This is an interactive, scenario-based training resource to equip you with the foundational elements of selling and supporting Microsoft cloud and enterprise technologies.
Check out all of the programs covered in this training on selling for enterprise-focused partners:
  • Enterprise Web and Mobile Applications
  • Hybrid Identity and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage with StorSimple
  • Azure and SQL Server for Business Continuity
  • Security and Compliance
  • Enterprise Web and Mobile Applications

4. Drumbeat.

This program helps you start, grow, and accelerate your Microsoft Office 365 practice and take Office 365 sales to the next level. Trainings are packaged by where you are in your Microsoft Office 365 sales maturity.

5. The Partner Practice Enablement Bootcamp.

These advanced trainings enable partners to sell and deploy key workloads of the cloud and enterprise business. The events are hosted in-person and are available globally, so be sure to contact your local Microsoft representative to find out if a Partner Practice Enablement event is hosted near you.

6. The Practice Accelerator.

Helping you accelerate time to market, this training will teach you how to increase customer wins and retention, while improving delivery quality through a host of best practices, deployment guidance, reusable templates, and project guides.

7. Disti Bootcamp.

These in-person or digitally delivered distributor-led events are available in coordination with Microsoft. The events deliver readiness on specific topics to grow selling skills and capabilities. If you’re a reseller, ask your distributor about upcoming Bootcamps.
On top of all this great training content, don’t forget about all the great Partner Profitability resources found in the Business School section of our newly redesigned training section on the Microsoft Partner Network website. There is a new series of online Partner Profitability webcast series, a regular profitability blog, and profitability learning paths.
Be sure to take advantage of these trainings throughout the year as you can—the slow time of the holidays can be a great time to catch up!
Have a great 2016,