So what are the benefits of Microsoft Support? Here it is in a nutshell: it helps you and your customers maximize the value of software investments and improve overall IT health through pre-packaged, customized, and preventative support offerings.

As part of the Microsoft Partner Network, you receive technical support benefits aimed at helping you win more business and increase customer satisfaction. And isn’t that the whole point? As a partner, you’ll get access to expert consultants that provide presales support, product knowledge, and customized guidance through Microsoft Support.
The goal is to make sure partners like you get the most value from your Microsoft platform. And by adding Premier Support to the Microsoft Partner Network benefits we ensures that happens. Beyond that, we want to help you grow your business and bring in new opportunities. How? By assisting you in enabling your customers to make the most of their Microsoft platform. Here’s what Microsoft Premier Support can do to make that happen: 
  1. Provide your business with definitive access to Microsoft experts. This includes a technical account manager who helps coordinate support across MPN and Premier Support in your business and your customers’ businesses. It also means 24/7 access to a global network of Microsoft subject matter experts and hands-on training of your IT staff to increase expertise. Plus, enjoy operational guidance to help increase system performance.

  3. Help optimize your Microsoft platform. We’ll provide advice on technologies and services that can help support your key business initiatives. You’ll get regular IT health checks and systems planning, remediation services, and side-by-side sessions with Microsoft field engineers. You can even take advantage of Microsoft product support workshops that sync with key release cycles.


  5. Deliver business value by helping you provide your customers with access to Microsoft Support. This even enables you to discover new business opportunities in the process. You can also use your Premier Support technical account manager to manage your benefits across both Premier Support and the Microsoft Partner Network. Which is a pretty nice feature. 
Not bad, huh? So make sure you join us at WPC. Take in the Premier Support sessions or visit the team at the MPN booth to find out how Premier partner support programs can work for you.
– Greg​