Hi. I met up with a partner in the United Kingdom who has been going through the process of driving a successful cloud business: IMGROUP. According to Jeremy Neal, head of cloud services, IMGROUP is making a significant investment in building out their cloud practice to stay ahead of the curve and to go where the market is moving. This is seen as a competitive advantage and a long-term bet.


How are they doing this? IMGROUP has made a number of changes and investments to train its sales staff, position for the cloud with new and existing customers, and provide value-added services—not only on migration and implementation of cloud, but also driving a long-term annuity business that combines project-based work and managed services. Their most recent and significant win is with the United Kindom’s West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS), moving 4,000 users to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365. IMGROUP will simplify communications and enable WMAS staff to collaborate more easily. In addition to Office 365, IMGROUP is also implementing SharePoint 2010 for document management, using the built-in version control and collaboration features for WMAS, and using the benefits of a hybrid cloud environment, all on the Microsoft stack.
WMAS is making a strategic decision to become more agile, move from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, and increase the effectiveness of their staff through cloud technology, something we are seeing happen across the industry.
IMGROUP made the decision to move to the cloud early and positioned themselves well to win this deal. The process of transforming their business to add a high-quality cloud practice was not easy and took hard work, but it is now clearly beginning to pay off as it positions them for the future ahead of their competition.
Great story, and one I hope you’ll be able to tell in the context of your business as you continue to build your cloud practice.